The Kingdom Version 0.2 Fixed by Obsidu3D

Posted: January 11, 2019 at 9:24 pm

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The Kingdom Version 0.2 Fixed by Obsidu3D

The Kingdom is an RPGM style adult game. You are just a normal guy from a Rural area of the Human Kingdom, However war has been raging on for centuries with the Elves and Humans fighting against each other. Many people on both sides had been killed, including your father who was a member of the Kings council. After your father was killed, you then became Lord of your fathers estate. Years passed by, Trying to do the best you can to keep your people happy, When one day you recieve a summons from the King. This is were your adventure begins.
Fixed a few bugs that was found, Everything is working as it should be now

It is finally here, version 0.2 of The Kingdom! Here is the change log for the new version:

-Over 350+ new renders.

-Continuation of the main story.

-Lots of side quests and peep scenes.

-New characters added.

-New main menu art added.

-Credits page added.

-Lots of different music added.

-2 new areas for you to explore.

-3 new secrets to be found.

-1 sex scene added.

Would be a good idea to start a new game due to some stuff from 0.1 has been altered. This may affect any saves.
Size: 1030 megabytes

The Kingdom Version 0.2 Fixed by Obsidu3D