Terminal Desires v0.01b by Jimjim

Posted: October 4, 2018 at 8:11 pm

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Terminal Desires v0.01b by Jimjim

Added new sprites for Tiffany to better reflect her current number of Armor Pieces.

* You can now toggle Tiffany’s footstep sounds using a key item.

* The ‘Reload’ action will now be hidden if Tiffany can’t reload, to prevent accidentally wasting a combat turn with a full clip.

* Reduced file size by 270 MB by removing unused RPG Maker files.

* Adjusted default audio levels.

* Changed the music during some of the more serious story moments.

* Fixed some minor bugs with the opening cutscene.

* Fixed Tiffany’s dialogue expressions if she hates ugly men, but accepts Robert’s impregnation proposal anyway.

* Fixed Robert’s dialogue portrait for when he’s shirtless.

* Fixed a minor ‘Armor Piece’ bug after Robert’s impregnation scene.

* Fixed some minor quest journal bugs.

* Fixed some typos.
Size: 241 megabytes

Terminal Desires v0.01b by Jimjim