PiXel Games Raven’s Quest version 0.0.1

Posted: October 11, 2018 at 4:11 am

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PiXel Games Raven's Quest version 0.0.1
In this new game, we want to create a whole new explorable world. This is a very first alpha, the very base of the game.

Some of the things to expect in this alpha:

– Raven will always show at the left of the screen

– Raven’s outfits will be fully customizable.

– Small animated scenes on every intercourse Raven has. (Some are WIP)

– Original but simple magic system. Raven will be able to face her foes using her elemental powers… or other kind of ‘powers’.

– The attitude of Raven will change depending on the choices of the player. She can be more submissive or dominant. Sluttier or purer.

And much more…
Size: 167 megabytes

PiXel Games Raven’s Quest version 0.0.1