Novus The Sexy Cosplay Cafe version 0.1

Posted: September 10, 2018 at 8:17 am

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Novus The Sexy Cosplay Cafe version 0.1

1) The game’s first build is focused on Mira. It doesn’t get anywhere NEAR completing her story, but she’s the most developed character by far. I put notes into the game itself to make players aware of that…just…be aware of that.

2) The second update of the game is already planned. It will add content to bring Serena to roughly the same developmental level as Mira. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean the same sort of interactions! Each girl is made to be significantly different from each other. For example, while Mira at this level has not passed beyond blowjobs, mutual masturbation, and similar, Serena has a much higher sex drive and will be easy to get into bed early in her content…though it might not have the same positive effects as doing so has on Mira! In fact, it may make things worse!

3) The third update for the game will be subject to a poll for $5+ patrons.

4) The game’s art is a little inconsistent in quality. Patrons already know this, but non-patrons might not…I taught myself to draw from scratch, purely for this game. Which is why it’s been in development for so long (8-months).
Size: 143 megabytes

Novus The Sexy Cosplay Cafe version 0.1