Nivallacat – Seeking Lustroso v0.1.2

Posted: February 10, 2019 at 1:01 pm

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Nivallacat - Seeking Lustroso v0.1.2

Enter the world of Seeking Lustroso and experience the trials of two fated explorers who’ve dared to venture into the heart of a hidden jungle. What grave calamity (or glorious fortune) will befall them? Will the power they unleash remake or unmake them? One thing is certain, they will never be the same again.

Seeking Lustroso is a FREE adult text game (or interactive fiction) being developed with a focus on consensual female domination (M/F). A list of the themes/genres the game includes (or will include in future) can be seen on the game’s title screen
Size: 28 megabytes

Nivallacat – Seeking Lustroso v0.1.2