Majalis – Tales of Androgyny Windows 64 Ver

Posted: July 31, 2018 at 9:49 am

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Majalis -  Tales of Androgyny Windows 64 Ver

Like many RPG games you will have the chance to choose a class for your character, thief, mage, enchanter, warrior, paladin, etc. You will battle different futa monsters and gain experience as you progress. There is a story mode or just a straight to battle mode. As you move along and unlock scenes you can later revisit them from the main menu. You are able to save your progression along with quickloads/quicksaves. You gain skills, perks, and other attributes as well. You do have equipment and inventory that you can purchase or obtain along the way.

There is quite a bit of text in this game for the story, but you can skip ahead with the CTRL key. The instructions for this game are pretty clear and if you pay attention to the story it will walk you through the battle system.
Size: 408 megabytes

Majalis – Tales of Androgyny Windows 64 Ver