LifePlay 1.16 – Free LifeSim RPG by Vinfamy

Posted: December 6, 2018 at 12:09 pm

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LifePlay 1.16 - Free LifeSim RPG by Vinfamy

The game will always be free and open-source. All contents, with full sources, will always be publicly released to everyone as soon as they are ready. Nothing will ever be exclusive or put behind a paywall. You can support the game’s development by spreading the word about it and by making mods for it.

Made by a modder himself, LifePlay is very moddable and even if you’ve never modded before, you could easily make a new scene, actor stat, action, sex description or dirty talk for it in a few minutes. Even in game, there are editors to generate character presets and map expansions. Check the Docs folder for instructions.

The sexual content currently included in the base game is relatively vanilla (with the exception of some optional mild NTR). This is intentional because vanilla content is the common denominator for everyone. I will continue to focus on vanilla content for the next few months before going into more fetishes. Of course, nothing stops you from making mods featuring fetish content right now!

The game isn’t demanding in terms of PC specs, but if you do get low FPS, reduce the Post Process Quality in the Settings section of the main menu and there should be a dramatic improvement.

Inspired by:
– Games: The Sims series (my intial concept was ‘A free, open-source and moddable The Sims with sex, dialogues and real world cities’), NewLife by SplendidOstrich, GirlLife by TFGSite
– Mods: SexLab, OSex, Apropos, Schlongs of Skyrim, BodySlide, LooksMenu and Mod Organizer

Special thanks to: the OpenStreetMap community, Manuel Bastioni and the MakeHuman community. Without their open-source projects, this game would not be possible.
Size: 1200 megabytes

LifePlay 1.16 – Free LifeSim RPG by Vinfamy