Kiteretsu Showado – Eromander – Full English Version

Posted: February 10, 2019 at 1:07 pm

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Kiteretsu Showado - Eromander - Full English Version

My name is Anna Hazuki. I am an elite pilot for the defense forces to take down the baddies! Even though I say so myself…
But I am really confident of being able to control the fighter. To be honest, I am not sure whether there is anyone better than me.
That is why I have been given this mission.
My mission this time is to take down the really bad guys that are trying to rule the world. Really.
Just because I am a woman, you should not look down on me. I will not lose even to men.
I am Anna Hazuki. Let’s go!!!”

** If the men find a girl, they will climb into the cockpit to r*pe you!

Sophisticated, cute heroine Anna Hazuki.
She sits in the cockpit and steers while shaking her tits.
Men get hard when looking at such a cutie.
They really dive into the cockpit and r*pe you!
When men see women, they r*pe them anywhere…these creatures.

“No no no!! Climbing in the fighter to r*pe me…no…no…no!! No!! No!!”

** Kiteretu erotic shooting game!

When the power decreases, the heroine’s clothes are ripped off.
She is then naked and in big trouble!
This is because if she is attacked by men, she will be r*ped.
This is really a cockpit dot r*pe! They are r*ped while shooting.
It is sad but when a cute girl steers a fighter, men want to violate her.
Anna Hazuki realized that defeat meant abuse,

5 types of sexy dot animation + 6 types of illustration animation! There is a total of 11 types of sex scenes!
Screen size: 900 x 700 intense size!

** Authentic erotic STG! Prepared a total of 24 screens.

The STG is authentic. The enemies come on to you strongly with dot pictures.
In the second half of stages, the barrage shooting becomes more difficult.
The boss and medium boss may be as strong as the last boss.
You can get changed. (Own clothes, sailor clothes, maid clothes) Your clothes may get ripped due to damage.

Power up:6 stages
Increased speed:Infinite
Increased lives:40P
Changes of clothes:4 types(including naked)

Equipped with secret tricks!: Power up, increased speed, increased lives, screen select, CG mode

There are four extra stage screens unrelated to the main version.
To be honest, these are extremely difficult! Of course, you cannot use secret tricks.
If you clear the extra stages, you may (or may not) get something?
We hope you will let us know if you clear this.
Size: 38 megabytes

Kiteretsu Showado – Eromander – Full English Version