k84 Mike Obsession v1.0 Final

Posted: December 6, 2018 at 11:11 am

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k84 Mike Obsession v1.0 Final

Mike’s Obsession v1.0 Beta
That’s it, everything seems to work correctly. The smartphone, the room system, the triggers…
Here I leave version V0.2 of Mike’s Obsession. It’s already playable although it doesn’t have much content but a lot of code for interactions. I have rewrited the intro to introduce the plot even more. There is a new character (neighbor) which could be very interesting for the future and… some other things you will discover.

As I say this version is mostly to discover errors because once solved the story will continue quickly.


– Store (laptop)
– Work at home
– Cook (for us and for Zoe)
– Smarthpone with some functions available
– Taking a shower
– Watch the TV (Only with Zoe … with surprise)
Size: 190 megabytes

k84 Mike Obsession v1.0 Final