Jyminish – Escape Game 3

Posted: August 31, 2023 at 9:08 pm

Categories: 3D COMICS

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Jyminish - Escape Game 3
Jyminish - Escape Game 3
Jyminish - Escape Game 3
Jyminish - Escape Game 3
Jyminish - Escape Game 3

Catastrophe! Ludivine is trapped by the game as a miniature 3.6 cm (1.4″) monster; Aurore and Amandine are now 64 cm (2’1″) inanimate plastic dolls (but totally alive and conscious); Romain is the last active player, and he has to make a terrible choice: ▲ Bring Aurore back (☀ his girlfriend), and abandon Amandine as a plastic conscious doll; ▲ Bring Amandine back (♥ his forbidden love), and abandon Aurore as a plastic conscious doll.Only one of them can be human again: the other will stay a plastic doll until the end of the game (and she’ll remember everything, even when the game will be finished). After a long hesitation, Romain finally chose to save his forbidden love, Amandine (community decision). Is it a logical decision, because Amandine is a better player with more stress resistance? Is it a love decision, because he loves Amandine more? Or is it a sexual decision, because his desire for Amandine is stronger? Maybe all those things..Now, the choice is made. It’s time to choose a decorative place for Aurore, and to resume the game with Amandine. But, on second thought: Amandine and Romain have plenty of time! They’re between lovers, alone on a small tropical island, with a game that can make them live all their fantasies if the right cards are picked.. They realize something: the game is not necessarily a curse, it can also offer a great and unique experience that they won’t be able to live anywhere else on Earth. They’re both on the same page and they are terribly excited from each other, by their body changes. May the cards be with them..

Size: 13
Pages: 58

Jyminish – Escape Game 3

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