Icarue Orchard University RPG Version

Posted: July 18, 2018 at 4:22 am

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Icarue Orchard University RPG Version

Added 3 dungeons: the hospital, the beach and a tower. Total of 4 tfs (2 physical 2 mental) and the ability to sync with a magic item.

– Something I failed to mention previously are the magic items (the items you get when you defeat a boss). Those are armor and can be equipped, they give you a skill and bonus stats. You just have to scroll a bit in the armor section to see them

PS: You’ll also see something weird called UHS, this is so the head armor doesnt unequip when you sleep (UHS unlock head slot; Should work even if you already completed Mia’s event)

– Added 2 minigames related to the 2 mental stats (one in the nursing building, the other in the track and field field)

– Added 2 outfits related to the adventures as well.

– The tower dungeon will allow you to sync with a magic item ONLY IF you didn’t lose to the boss (they will give you the tf, the skill permanently and a small stat boost).
Size: 218 megabytes

Icarue Orchard University RPG Version