Happy Life – Minako (eng/cen)

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Happy Life - Minako (eng/cen)
It was August 1st. The first day of autumn—-

Tatsuro Nishimura brought his wife of three years, Minako, to his hometown.

It was supposed to be a happy new chapter in their lives.
However, Tatsuro came face to face with an old thorn in his side, Iwazaki.

Iwazaki greeted him cheerfully, like the past never happened–.

Tatsuro became bedridden with illness.
Minako nursed him at home, while also rendezvousing with Iwazaki outside…
She had no idea of the darkness in Tatsuro’s lifelong nemesis.

When she first began to realize the lewdness, she was already on a path
without redemption.
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Happy Life – Minako (eng/cen)