Futagladea Promo by Baron Vampson

Posted: November 5, 2018 at 9:37 pm

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Futagladea Promo by Baron Vampson

Please report any other bugs/findings you find to me. I’m one person, can only find so many myself!


Battle log text wiping/not wiping at certain intervals
I am aware of this issue. Without greater knowledge of jаvascript, I fear I will be unable to tackle this issue at the current time.

Battle log appearing over pictures/not affected by pictures
Due to the way RPGmaker works, and my limited knowledge of jаvascript, I’m not sure how I would currently tackle this issue.

Chance to hit/effect window graphic appearing and disappearing
Likely a conflict between plugins. Again, my limited expertise over jаvascript will make tackling this issue singlehandedly rather difficult. Since it’s not gamebreaking, I haven’t started fiddling with everything for it just yet.

Statuses are only displayed above enemies heads and not actors
No idea why this is.


Some crashing/general instability issues
With further testing I would hope these could be ironed out. Due to the way RPGMaker works, working outside the box can be fairly difficult, even when the system can accomodate for it, it is extremely sensitive and particular. If anyone with greater knowledge of jаvascript, RPGMAKER MV or other such matters would care to interject I’m all ears.


Character screen placement
Not all characters are currently fully on screen. Going to be a mix-match between resizing sprites (unless people think it’s okay), moving them closer together, or having the camera pan a little bit better. Would be nice if the camera actually moved when you were selecting enemies too.

‘Floating’ KO’D enemies
Likely just a problem with the spritesheet. Will be seen to.

Characters not counting as defeated as soon as they reach 0 hp/100 lust
I’d hope this would be an easy fix. I also hope to one day live in a mighty fortress, so yea.


A status window that can access enemy information as well. More detailed information on characters/units in general.

Stats/effects explained more thoroughly? May make a seperate post for this. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Camera that moves from user to target. Right now the action looks fairly static, which is quite unintentional I can assure you. Because I have many pictures on the screen, this could be very interesting/difficult to implement. Gonna put further testing on this one.
Size: 522 megabytes

Futagladea Promo by Baron Vampson