Fek Science Rack 2 – Science Rack 2 Version 0.2.6

Posted: October 12, 2018 at 6:46 am

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Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2  Version 0.2.6

Hey folks! Found and fixed the magenta bug / missing shader issue. Turns out the latest Unity update changed the way that shaders get packaged up, and some vital shaders weren’t being included.

– A massive amount of performance optimization has been done. The game should now run at significantly higher framerates on all machines, especially in circumstances where multiple subjects are loaded simultaneously.

– Performance optimization: The physics and IK systems have been refactored, taking advantage of Unity’s new-ish script execution ordering. As a result, everything runs MUCH smoother, and much more predictably. The amount of physics/IK-related jitter should be tremendously reduced.

– Performance optimization: Most post-processing effects have been moved to Unity’s experimental new post-processing stack. Post processing now performs significantly faster.

– Performance optimization: Every line of code (67119, for those keeping track at home) has been swept for general performance optimizations, like instantiation reduction, runtime string manipulation reduction, unnecessary/uncached GetComponent calls, unnecessary vector magnitude calculations, etc.

– Performance optimization: The entire character texture system has been refactored to take advantage of some clever RenderTexture manipulation. Almost all functionality that previously relied on CPU pixel manipulation is now done via shaders on the GPU. In addition to massively improving runtime performance, this also dramatically reduces the memory footprint of each character.

– Performance optimization: The character rendering system now uses a much more aggressive, intelligent culling system to avoid unnecessary animation calculations and redundant draw calls.

– Performance optimization: The game has been thoroughly swept for memory leaks and places where memory use can be reduced. In particular, the new character rendering system uses memory much more efficiently, and textures are properly disposed more reliably.

– Performance optimization: The character build sequence has been significantly streamlined. Characters now initialize in a fraction of the time it used to take, resulting in faster load times.

– Performance optimization: Deprecated code and unused systems have been removed. Shaders have been updated and re-cached.

– As part of the IK/physics system overhaul, alll character physics and interactions have been cleaned up a little bit. Animations are still nowhere near final, but you should encounter significantly less jitter during interactions, and floppy bodies should now behave more predictably. As is customary, balls and ears are still a little uncooperative.

– A handful of minor superficial improvements have been made to character models, especially boobs, eyes, butts, and bellies. In spite of these improvements, the character models are still unfinished and will be significantly improved later in the game’s development.

– Some new animation systems are in place to ease twisting of the wrists and neck.

– The interaction framework now supports view-aware interaction axes. In other words, instead of always stroking up and down, the direction you stroke should match what you see on screen. In a future update, this functionality will be made optional.

– The interaction framework now supports having multiple interaction modes on the same interaction. For instance, while interacting with a subject’s balls, moving around in the top half of the reticle will fondle them, and pulling down into the bottom half of the reticle will tug/squeeze them.

– A handful of new interactions have been added: vaginal dildo, nipple tweak/pull, ball tug/squeeze.

– The clothing system has been overhauled. Clothing is now loaded from external DAE files, like embellishments. Separate-but-similar articles of clothing can now share assets, which are now moddable, and can be found in the game’s data directory. In spite of these changes to the clothing framework, the clothing currently in the game is still placeholdery.

– Clothing now properly obscures fur, in addition to embellishments, using obscurance maps.

– Putting on and removing articles of clothing is now significantly faster.

– Clothing for feet is now supported. Footwear should be designed for plantigrade characters; the game will automatically morph footwear to fit digitigrade characters at runtime.

– Support for headgear is underway, but unfinished. An upcoming update will include proper support for both headgear and human-style hairstyles, which will automatically morph to fit any head shape using a system similar to the footgear-morphing system included in this update.

– The fur shader has been tweaked and improved, especially allowing for better specular/metallic rendering, and better physics/gravity response.

– The fur LOD system has been improved. Fur quality can now be toggled from the options menu.

– When generating test subjects, the game is much more intelligent about loading favorite, custom, and racknet characters. Duplicates of the same character are never loaded, and RackNet characters can be filtered by version. You can adjust your version compatibility settings in the options menu.

– The RackNet interface now displays the version each character was created in, with a warning for characters created in incompatible versions.

– Orgasm scoring window duration has been significantly reduced.

– The game now attempts to compensate for when your character is too small/short for an interaction by lowering the test subject. This system is still a little buggy/unreliable, and will be refined and improved in future updates.

– The default lab lighting has been tweaked.

– The first launch installation screen and the version discrepancy interface have both been improved, to better help transitions between development build versions.

– Improvements to the file handling systems have been made. New save data is now saved fully before replacing existing data, and backups of previously-existing data are made before the swap. This should dramatically reduce the occurence of save file corruption.

– Several minor improvements have been made to the interface. As a reminder, the current interface is very placeholdery.

– UI Improvement: Racknet login can be cancelled

– UI Improvement: A handful of new options and graphics settings are available, including a bloom intensity slider for the new post-processing stack

– UI Improvement: The camera no longer swings while you’re editing your character

– UI Improvement: Camera behavior improved outside of interactions

– UI Improvement: The game now displays a progress indicator while it is downloading textures for a racknet character

– UI Improvement: The game now displays a progress indicator while it is preparing/resizing character textures

– UI Improvement: Subject dialogue is no longer displayed past a certain distance.

– UI Improvement: The tutorial drone is now much quieter

– Several bugs have been fixed.

– 0000000: [Bugs] Balls stuck in place when ending ballfondle

– 0000000: [Bugs] Uncaught exception when a faulty facial expression is specified by localization XML

– 0000000: [Bugs] Ghost shader overwritten by LOD

– 0000000: [Bugs] Glowing texture layers not behaving as expected when covered by other pattern layers

– 0000000: [Bugs] Seam stitching doesn’t always include bone weights

– 0000000: [Bugs] Objectives don’t wipe when finished/reset

– 0000000: [Bugs] Stasis tubes don’t contain character tails/wings, bubbles dont’ scale with tube

– 0000000: [Bugs] Base fur length map drawn at incorrect scale, causing weird “shaved” portions on body

– 0000000: [Bugs] IPS zoomer goes into effect one object too late, when moving through menu

– 0000000: [Bugs] Humpbump seems to push based on GSP, instead of actual insertion direction. Most easily seen while fucking on Racktable.

– 0000000: [Bugs] Never load the same custom character or favorited character more than once; causes a sharing violation.

– 0000000: [Bugs] Automatically drop focus if you scroll in the editor page. If a scrollbar has focus, it causes rebuilds as you’re scrolling, which fucks your framerate

– 0000000: [Bugs] RackNet characters re-download things that should already be in the cache. Check case sensitivity.

– 0000291: [Bugs] Decals not drawn for test subjects, but are for researcher

– 0000308: [Bugs] Player textures loading incorrectly in shower and research.

– 0000391: [Bugs] Leaving shower while charactor is cumming will cause infinite orgasm.

– 0000271: [Bugs] Crash, possible memory leak

– 0000293: [Bugs] Decals rotate as they move over the body

– 0000342: [Bugs] Can’t place decal on character

– 0000354: [Bugs] Extreme GPU usage, bugged physics.

– 0000371: [Bugs] Memory Leak is back again

– 0000394: [Bugs] Memory Leak

– 0000397: [Bugs] Extremely high CPU usage, lagging response to mouse inputs, repeated reset of mouse cursor

– 0000337: [Bugs] Sex toys appear over-inflated

– 0000349: [Bugs] Belly physics jitters and stretches wildly

– 0000358: [Bugs] Recently installed, body went placeholder (pink), when exiting game the character screen replaces main menu 0.2.4

– 0000361: [Bugs] Game reverts to customise character menu when trying to leave game

– 0000363: [Bugs] Returning to Main Menu from game results in Genitals section from Advanced Character Creation replacing normal UI.

– 0000372: [Bugs] Blowjob animation is broken on rackchair

– 0000373: [Bugs] balls can become stiff during an interaction

– 0000375: [Bugs] Blowjob animation is completely broken on rack table

– 0000376: [Bugs] Blowjob animation is completely broken on rack stocks.

– 0000382: [Bugs] The clothes of the player character swell up like a inflatable fursuit.

– 0000395: [Bugs] Character model stretches and jitters when performing oral interactions in latest update

– 0000405: [Bugs] Several animations have broken for no apparent reason

– 0000409: [Bugs] balls randomly ‘flailing’ around when they are too large and/or too low

– 0000384: [Bugs] Crash on research

– 0000347: [Bugs] Game performance suffers when creating multiple characters

– 0000404: [Bugs] Characters are purple

– 0000392: [Bugs] no character textures, my character is pink

– 0000400: [Bugs] character has no textures and is pink.

– 0000360: [Bugs] Everyone Is pink. Recent install

– 0000366: [Bugs] Forget to remove texture debug overlay

– 0000364: [Bugs] When Loading Up The Character Skin Goes Pink and no textures until putting the bottom camera down.

– 0000362: [Bugs] Magenta body disappears leaving only fur behind

– 0000285: [Bugs] Player character falls through floor

– 0000223: [Bugs] Excessive memory usage, seems still RAM leakage

– 0000260: [Bugs] Balls sometimes get stuck sideways when entering/exiting an interaction

– 0000095: [Bugs] Minimum threshhold for penis movement during fucking is low on long dicks

– 0000323: [Bugs] Character teleports into Specimen Research chamber

– 0000299: [Bugs] Everything goes invisible except for the skybox

– 0000413: [Bugs] The game crashes when larger body types bump into the door of the reception, first on the left side up the stairs.

– 0000417: [Bugs] Multiple save files created

– 0000402: [Bugs] Game essentially crashes when I exit it

– 0000416: [Bugs] Game crashes after the window has lost focus

– 0000406: [Bugs] I can’t quit the game

– 0000423: [Bugs] image for empty inventory slot covers entire screen when clicking an empty inventory slot

– 0000410: [Bugs] balls randomly ‘flailing’ around when they are too large and/or too low
Size: 245 megabytes

Fek Science Rack 2 – Science Rack 2 Version 0.2.6