Elysium: Rise of the Dark King v0.12.2 by Seyser Koze

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Elysium: Rise of the Dark King v0.12.2 by Seyser Koze

This is Elysium, a story-focused H-RPG made using RPG Maker VX. There’s much more of a focus on the story aspect than the game aspect, making it more of a “more-than-usually-interactive VN” than an RPG
You Play as knight who gets betrayed for doing the right thing, turns to dark powers for revenge.​



Maranatha Castle

Watch intro cutscene.
Talk to Malek.
Talk to Mother Marguerite twice. Ask her “What am I doing here?”
Go to storeroom and talk to Bella (H-scene). Elaine will interrupt and tell you to see the Queen.
Go to Queen’s chamber and talk to the guard to enter. Receive mission to escort the Princess.
Go to castle entrance and speak with Elaine; join up with Princess and Malek.

Estrus Village
After cutscene, talk to Princess Lenore in the field.
Talk to Juliet in the field to the southwest.
Talk to Malek.
Talk to obnoxious kids.
Talk to the Princess at the well twice. Cue cutscene with Ophelia/evening falls.
Follow the Princess into the inn.
Go upstairs; Malek tells you to take a break.
Go downstairs, talk to innkeeper to get dinner. H-scene with woman in black.
Afterward (the appearing/disappearing door is intentional) go upstairs.
Fight two Thugs.
Enter Princess’ bedroom. Fight three Thugs. Teleport back to Maranatha.

Maranatha Castle, again
Get tossed in the dungeon.
Try your cell door to see a conversation with Elaine.
Get into the bed to end the prologue.

Chapter 1

Estrus Village
Head out of the clearing and watch the scene with Ophelia.
Talk to the men; fight two Hooligans.
Pick up one of the corpses and take it to the clearing to bury it.
Do the same with the other corpse and watch a scene.
Go back to Ophelia’s house and go in the front door.
Watch the (lengthy, I know) scene with Ophelia.
When you have control again, exit and head south into the village.
Watch each of the four events around the map.
Talk to Ophelia by the well.
Fight with Juliet. Use Resilience to survive.

Chapter 2

Southern Valley
Work your way up to the north end of the valley without fighting too many of the bandits (it should be easy to avoid them all).
When you get to the final two guards, you can either fight them or smash the base of the lookout’s pillar to distract them.
Yolande will attack you before you leave the map. Use Resilience as with the Juliet fight; battle ends once you’ve dealt around 200 HP of damage.
You cannot heal yourself yet, so if you’ve fought too many of the bandits, you may find Yolande impossible to defeat. Back up and try again.

Fort Pendrion
Enter, watch the scene.
Trying to exit the way you came results in an unwinnable fight with Kathryn (with a special game-over sequence when you lose.)
Look at the object which Phillip dropped during the scene to disguise yourself as a pilgrim and pass through the gate more-or-less unscathed.

Maranatha City
Check out the (closed) castle gates.
Talk to the well-dressed woman near the castle.
Talk to the strange woman with the black hat in the southeastern area.
Talk to the green-haired student at the inn.
See the unsavory characters south of the two sparring guards.
Head to the park to meet the pilgrims from Fort Pendrion again. The student from the inn joins you.
Visit the unsavory characters to retrieve the pilgrims’ belongings.
Return to the pilgrims. The student leaves the party.
Go back to the inn and talk to the innkeeper, then wait for Francesca to return.

Maranatha Castle
Head up the stairs in the chapel. You can save in the right-most cell on the second floor.
Head into the bath and watch the scene.
Check out the bookcase to pass time until nightfall.
Go back downstairs and into the throne room. After the scene, continue over into the royal quarters and up the stairs to the second floor.
In the Four Generals’ office, read the papers on all of the desks. After the scene, head up to the third floor.
Check out the books in the library. Three shelves are important, and they’re easily recognized because the screen goes dim when you read them: the book on magic, the book about the Beast, and the architect’s report.
After reading all three books, check out the shelf next to the blue brazier to open a secret passage.
Examine the ruined altar in the hidden shrine for a scene.
Attempt to leave the library. When Francesca and Velvet arrive, follow them back to the shrine.
Afterward, go up to the fourth floor.
Head towards the Queen’s quarters to start another scene. The battle with Xenia is unwinnable (and if you do manage to win, tell me how). Watch the final sequence and save the game before Chapter 3.

Chapter 3

Estrus Village

After the opening scene with Ophelia, head up the path to her house.
Defeat Juliet.
Back in the main village map, investigate the armor near where Juliet normally stands.
Enter Juliet’s house.
Inspect the footlocker by her bed. During the following scene, choose to either talk to Juliet or force her to service you. Afterward, she joins.
Try to enter the inn and meet Meridia at the door, then leave the village.

World Map

Go to the forest northeast of the pass where you first met the bandits. Night will fall as you travel.

Bandit’s Forest/hideout

Here the path diverges based on how you treated Juliet.
If you chose “Force her” during the H-scene in her house, you’ll approach the hideout via the front. Fight through three groups of bandits, then fight and defeat Yolande.
If you chose “Talk to her,” she’ll show you a secret entrance. Head through the caves; move the boulder in the room with the save point to get into Yolande’s room. Fight and defeat her to end the chapter.
When fighting Yolande, you’ll need to use the Regenerate ability at least a couple of times.

Chapter 4

Estrus Village

Talk to Yolande and Meridia in the main village map.
Talk to Juliet and Ophelia in the clearing west of Ophelia’s house.
Go into Ophelia’s house and talk to Elektra.
Go back to Juliet’s house for a scene.
In the dark place, investigate all the little flames you can reach. When the wall of fire to the north disappears, go north and look at the little flame there.
Go to the inn and talk to Elektra.

Southern Valley

Choose to go with Yolande and Juliet in the north, or with Meridia in the south. Meridia has to fight fewer groups, but Yolande and Juliet have an easier time of it overall. After clearing an area, investigate the boulders to vault over to the next.
The Captain becomes vulnerable to Subdue at 50% health. Giving the ogres permission to rape the prisoners will lower Juliet and Yolande’s disposition towards you if you are with them.
Charity adopts a defensive stance whenever she has allies with her, so defeat them first to make her drop into attack mode. The Captains will use a stronger attack if buffed by Charity’s Inspire ability; using Yolande’s Intimidate ability can counteract this.

Fort Pendrion

When controlling Meridia, head upstairs to the gateworks and use the southern lever. Choose to either fight or seduce Karl when he appears.
Fight your way into the fort (in the second battle, the weaker soldiers will be replaced every few turns if defeated).
Fight Kathryn.
Go upstairs and fight the guards in the hall.
Enter the little room in Kathryn’s office and talk to the guard. Ask him where to find the key.
Search the middle section of Kathryn’s desk for the key.
In the hallway, use the key to open the western door. Go in and climb the rope before the timer runs out.
Fight Kathryn again. Your attack power will return to normal once she’s at 50% health. She gets an attack buff at 25%, so it’s advisable to store up energy before then and subdue her quickly.
Controlling Juliet, go up to the gateworks and talk to Darius to end the chapter.

Chapter 5

The game provides you with the option of heading to either the Arcanum or Palmova next, although you can only do one of the two in this chapter.


Head over to the short mountain path west of the capital city. Watch the scene, then examine the boulder to activate a teleport to the Arcanum.
Go inside and meet with Francesca.
Visit the assorted rooms and talk with the students there:
The practicing girl in the classroom to the southwest (use Francesca’s magic on the Zephyr).
The timid girl in the library to the northeast.
The girl next to the large flower in the garden to the north.
Nobody in the dining hall to the northeast. Get the knife from here and bring it to the girl in the garden.
The flirty student at the table in the lounge to the southeast. Then talk to the girl at the bookcases and retrieve the book she wants from the library.
Once all these are done, Francesca will direct you to the assembly hall.
Examine the statue in the assembly hall, head down into the laboratory, and watch a scene.
On the first platform of Velvet’s trial, take the water from the fountain and throw it at the flame.
On the second platform, take a brand from one of the braziers and throw it at the flame.
On the third platform, passing between the guardians results in a game over. An invisible walkway lies between the braziers on the left.
After the save point, fight the brute, then the succubus.
On the final platform, push the brute and succubus into the pit, then walk over them to the exit. If you get them stuck against the edge, head back the way you came to reset.
After exiting and watching the scene, make your choice to ally with Velvet or refuse her offer.
If you refuse:
Fight the four Lustful Constructs. Francesca’s Sleep spell can make them much more manageable.
Fight Velvet. Tee-hee!
If you accept:
Fight Francesca, then sweep the school for the other students.
In the garden, kill the plant first to make the student vulnerable.
In the library, attack Francesca until she flees, then attack the student.
In the classroom, ignore the zephyrs, as they die when the student is defeated.
In the dining hall, just fight normally.
When all these are complete, smash the barricade in the lounge and head upstairs. Francesca will flee when the other students are defeated.
Head back down and fight through the lounge and hallway. Talk to the last remaining student in the foyer.
Finally, go to the laboratory and fight Francesca for the final time.

Go into the inn, talk to the concierge, then go to the room and say hello to Yolande.
Go to the large building on the right and talk to Alicia inside.
Go back to the inn, talk to the concierge again, then go upstairs and visit each room at the either end of the hall.
Go to Alicia again.
Go to the fruit vendor in the market place and chat with him about fruity things.
Back to Alicia, then go to the docks and talk to the wharfmaster. The crate you want is the single crate next to the stack of cloth sacks. Fight!
Back to Alicia, then go to the grating west of the docks and enter the undercity.
Talk to the shady figure in the sleeping area to the west, then to the profiteer in the upper part of the commons area, then talk to Johnny in the northwest. Follow.
Go outside and to the end of the northern dock. Check out the crate and return to the Rat Queen.
Report to the Rat Queen, then haul Johnny off to Alicia.
From here you do a succession of jobs for either Alicia or the Rat Queen, although they’re largely the same…
Job 1: Talk to the red-haired kid in the entrance tunnel of the Undercity. Then talk to the shady man who told you about Johnny. Then have a merry chase across the sewers after Sammy.
Job 2: Go to the building with the sword sign, go in, talk to the guys, make your way to the Captain. If you’re with the Rat Queen, screwing up can lead to a fight. Releasing Johnny is optional.
Job 3, Alicia: Go to the guarded staircase, then head up to Carlotta’s house. Inside the mansion, talk to the guard on the left.
Job 3, Rat Queen: Ditto, but go around the house to the back and check out the pile of dirt in the garden.
Depending on which jobs you’ve done, you may get chased away from one of your contacts at this point. Go talk to the other one.
Go to the hotel, pick a room, and enter.
Return to your temporary “employer” one last time to finish the chapter.

Chapter 6

Maranatha City

After receiving your orders from the Queen, go outside and head to the garrison (the stone building next to the castle).
Talk to the man at the desk.
There are a few trouble spots around town to investigate:
The squatters in the park to the northeast
The open house in the southeast
The fruit vendor in the middle of town
The inn
If you check all four, another one opens up in the alley south of the garrison with a brief scene.
When you’re done with all of them, return to the garrison and talk to the desk sergeant.
Go outside and down to the main square. Fight.
Head inside the yellow-roofed house on the right, go upstairs, and check the papers on the desk.
Go back inside the castle.
Go into the dungeon and investigate the cell on the left.
Go back upstairs and talk to Marguerite.
Talk to Claude, head into the royal tower, and make your way up to the top floor.
Enter the Princess’ room.
Go to Fort Pendrion. Attempting to fight with Xenia is not wise.
Continue south to Estrus Village.

Estrus Village
Try to enter the inn.
Do both:
Go to Ophelia’s house, try to go in the door, then check the windows.
Go to Juliet’s house and look at the map.
Go back to the village square and examine the well, then enter the inn.
Go upstairs and try to enter the Princess’ room.
Go back down and try to leave, then go up and try the Princess’ room again.
On the third floor, avoid being spotted by the patrolling ogre.
On the fourth floor, chasing down the kids will result in a scene as you go upstairs (differing based on alignment).
On the fifth floor, avoid being spotted by the sentries and make your way around. The fight with the gargoyle is pretty heavily scripted (as usual).
On the sixth floor, make your way to the northeast exit while avoiding contact with the ogres.
On the seventh floor, head up and past the captive women to find Charity and Kathryn.
Jump down at the lower-right corner, then make your way across the platforms to find Quicksilver at the south end of the map. Capture results in a GOR scene.
Go left to the stairs, then back up to where Xenia is and cut through the obstructions.

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Elysium: Rise of the Dark King v0.12.2 by Seyser Koze