Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 5

Posted: September 8, 2018 at 3:50 am

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Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 5

Version 5

This is quite a big update, lots of new things and changes behind the scenes but not that much new story content and it is a bit hidden so you might want to look at the walkthrough. Took me a few days longer than planned because I had issues keeping save games compatible.

There was apparently a bug in Ink (tool I use to write the story) which lead to branches sometimes not being counted as visited. I tried to work around this and hopefully you won’t have any issues, but if you see something weird in your save, like being able to do something again you shouldn’t be able to, or not being able to do something anymore you were able to before, then you will probably have to restart the story from the beginning at some point. I updated to the new Ink version for this update which supposedly fixes the issue, so this hopefully won’t happen again, but it’s out of my control.

There are 11 new outfits in this update, including new outfit types, also one-pieces like dresses and nighties. Since clothing actually matters in this story and isn’t just cosmetic, it’s quite complex. If you notice a description involving clothing is wrong (especially in the older scenes), for example trying to unbutton a top which doesn’t have any buttons or running around in panties when you aren’t even wearing any, please mention it in the forum so that I can fix it. Prices for outfits might seem a bit high, but keep in mind it’s a complete outfit with underwear and shoes. The importance here isn’t realism but balancing, making sure your money isn’t worthless but also not worth too much, I’m sure I’ll have to tweak values like the prices over time to get them just right.

New location: Park (you can go jogging here, among other things)
New location: Bank (you can deposit and withdraw money there so you don’t have to walk around with tons of cash, becoming a nice target for a mugging in the park)
New location: Videostore (buy movies to watch alone or with your family to improve your relationship with them, maybe drastically, right now only watching with mother is implemented who is sitting in front of the TV at 2 AM when she comes home from work in a mysterious nightclub, which you will also be able to visit in a future update)
New location: Clothes store (buy new outfits or sluttify, ahem, upgrade your current ones)
New outfit: Sporty (you’ll need this to go jogging)
New outfit: Nightie (for those times when a pyjama just isn’t sexy enough)
New outfit: Casual – Dress (A party outfit with dresses will come later, these here are just summer dresses)
8 “upgrades” for the different outfits
Lots of new pictures, mostly for the new outfits
New stat: Fitness (can be increased by exercising at home, or jogging in the park. Goes down a bit throughout the day)
Money is now displayed in the UI
Walking distances (walking to locations now takes time depending on the distance to your current location and your walking speed, which depends on your height, weight and fitness)
Weekly payment for School work on Mondays (based on how many hours you actually taught, bonus when you did them all)
You can now be up to 15 minutes late to a class in School before another teacher covers for you, “Wait for class” now displays the actual time you will wait, not how long the class itself takes
Mirror in the bathroom shows your current look (same description as is used in the character creator, can be useful to check if you’ve gained or lost weight for example)
Stats now all change slowly throughout the day, not when you go sleep since you might not go sleep at all
New scenes with your brother, your mother and your father
Progress is now also saved directly after you create a new character
Added one paragraph to the intro which explains that you can skip school and a teacher will cover for you, hours you missed will be taken out of your paycheck
Size: 5 megabytes

Chibiekaterina Siblings Swap version 5