AroundGames – Lamia’s Exile v0.1

Posted: February 11, 2019 at 12:24 pm

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AroundGames - Lamia's Exile v0.1

Lamia’s Exile is a hentai platformer, in which you control a Lamia Girl, and explore 2D maps fighting (and fucking) other Monster Girls along the way.

Have you seen RePure Aria? This game is heavily inspired by it.

Controls: Arrow Keys for Movement, Z to shoot, X to Masturbate, and C to tease enemies.

The current version is very basic in general, featuring about 5 short maps, 2 types of enemies, and a sneak peek of the first boss.

Some easter-eggs and non-hostile NPC are scattered around the map.

Future versions will flesh out gameplay, UI, and audio as well.

Size: 55 megabytes

AroundGames – Lamia’s Exile v0.1